Standing Tall: Recruitment & Advisory

Disability Recruitment & Advisory

Standing Tall: Recruitment & Advisory

The founding of Purple Cow Ventures with the founders personal journey and life changing experience of surviving both Multiple Sclerosis and advanced Brain Cancer, has grounded a personal and professional resilience, that has forged the mission and purpose of Standing Tall.

Standing Tall, a Recruitment & Advisory division of Purple Cow Ventures, NPC, specialising in PwD’s or differently-abled (Smartphone, Tablet friendly)

Standing Tall is the essence of Purple Cow Ventures, and its mission and purpose, which is to primarily make a remarkable difference to people that are differently-abled or job candidates with physical disabilities (PwD) primarily as a result of multiple sclerosis and cancer, or any other illness/accident causing disability. Standing Tall sources potentially lost skills and human capital in the job market, by recruiting and placing the differently-abled, who have the required skills and competencies, but are willing and able to work, albeit a limited number of hours per day and/or number of days per week. Standing Tall is a division of Purple Cow Ventures NPC, non-profit company.

Standing Tall as a specialised recruitment and placement agency, and an advisory firm, provides a supportive, consultating environment that is sensitive to the needs of the differently-abled, including advising companies how to integrate the differently-abled for improved diversity, enhanced sustainability and corporate performance. Standing Tall has authenticity, as a result of its founder’s fight against Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis which has resulted in him being differently-abled. Moreover the executive team is also differently-abled.

Standing Tall provides a non-judgemental environment for the differently-abled, to apply for jobs at liked-minded employers who align with the mission and purpose of Standing Tall. Applicants should not feel self-conscious from the process of thinking about a job application to working at an employer of choice.

Standing Tall provides an affirming recruitment environment that provides access to skilled and competent people that are differently-abled, which affirms identity, purpose and the contribution of survivors of cancer, multiple sclerosis or any other illness causing disability or accident. The mission of Standing Tall is to transcend misconstrued perceptions, misinformation and prejudices towards the differently-abled. Our purpose is to connect abilities, capabilities and competencies to promising careers.

Standing Tall’s goal is to create significant social impact by influencing the interests of the differently abled. We are an organisation with a strong social purpose with the intention of high social impact. Moreover, it is a resilience movement to transform the worldview of the differently-abled that may be excluded or limited from full integration into society and workplace.

The business model of Standing Tall is the recruitment management fees and placement commission, as well as any advisory income received by Standing Tall, is distributed to Purple Cow Ventures designated charities, net of operating costs, which includes provisions for sustaining our social enterprises and designated charities. In addition we donate a negotiated percentage of our net income to the Employer’s designated charity or CSI initiative. We are a registered non-profit company as an operating division of Purple Cow Ventures NPC 2013/0157019/08.

We are seeking investors, collaborative partners, including like-minded employers and recruitment partners to enhance this venture. Contact us at to sing make a remarkable difference to promising careers which has signifcant social impact.

If you are a job seeker who is differently-abled or has physical disabilities please submit your detailed curriculum vitae with certified supporting documentation to

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Standing Tall, through Purple Cow Ventures, is an affiliate member of SVN