Multiple Sclerosis Ventures

MS Superheroes


The key initiative for multiple sclerosis is the development of a safe eco-friendly heating and cooking solution. The Eco-pod solution is manufactured to be portable and durable, while the fuel is a solid-state plant-based fuel which is “the eco-pod”. The above image is illustrative and bears no resemblance to the solution nor the product specification and key working mechanism of a solid state plant based Eco-pod. Patent Pending.

The business plan is that above-breakeven gross sales are generated from retail sales in the outdoor and camper market, so a planned annual quantity of sufficient units can be sold to be able to distribute to the homeless and informal settlements. Importantly a fixed amount from each unit and Eco-pod refill capsules will be donated to the MS Society and a targeted number of electric wheelchairs donated per year.

Other promotional retail strategies are to sell them on a similar basis as Toms Shoes. The execution is you can purchase one in the retail market, and we will donate one to a homeless family or a family living an informal settlement. We are seeking investors and partners, as well as donors to develop the Eco-pod. Contact us at