Purple Cow Ventures was founded by Riad Masoet, a Brain Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis survivor as an act of gratitude. This venture-based non-profit organisation is motivated by making a remarkable difference with the outcome of sustainable high impact social ventures. Purple Cow Ventures is a registered non-profit organisation NPC 2013/015719/08 and an affiliate member of the Social Venture Network and a member of the African Social Entrepreneurship Network

It is our aspiration and ideal that all ventures and activities will also inspire others to create their own communities of purpose whether similar or different, but that they are like-minded in terms of making a remarkable difference and have a high social impact in the communities within which they find themselves. See our video and core sponsorship of social venture below.

The founder, Riad Masoet, is an experienced executive, leading change initiatives with large and small enterprises, both listed and unlisted. Experience includes Financial Services and Banking Product Development, Brand development and Rebranding, Business Development and Strategic Alliances, Business Project Management and Human Capital management, and Marketing Strategy and Management. To see Riad Masoet’s LinkedIn profile click here

This experience places the current and future ventures of Purple Cow Ventures in a position to guide the venture strategy to make a remarkable difference to cancer and multiple sclerosis, our funding network and poverty alleviation schemes.

Our venture-funding model is based on 3 primary sources of funding, which includes crowdfunding, donor funding and traditional fundraising.

To make a remarkable difference to people with Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis, fighters, survivors & care givers
Riad Masoet Founder

Purple Cow Ventures is a ventured-based non-profit organisation, NPC 2013/015719/08, raising funds via venture crowdfunding, donor funding and traditional fundraising. We are ordinary individuals striving to make a remarkable difference to cancer and multiple sclerosis, so that extraordinary lives are transformed into a positive influence in our world: Riad Masoet, Founder of Purple Cow Ventures

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With extensive experience in managing resources on large assignments as well as reporting on these at Executive Management and Audit Committee levels. Greg trained with Deloitte as part of the Financial Services team and his clients included high profile corporates in various industries. He then went on to spend 6 years as the Director: Finance and Administration of the Open Society Foundation. Greg subsequently joined Ernst & Young as a Senior Audit Manager where he was responsible for regulatory audits on behalf of the Office of the Auditor-General spanning all tiers of government as well the statutory audits of a number of private sector entities.
In 2004 he was reassigned to the Business Risk Services division as a Client Service Senior Manager providing Risk Management,  orporate Governance and Internal Audit services to a range of clients in the public and private sectors. He is a past member of the Executive Committee of the Western Cape Institute of Internal Auditors and a current member of the Audit and Risk Committee for Tsiba Education.



With extensive experience in financial services, growth businesses and reporting on multi-national engagements. He is the founding member in a newly established accounting and auditing firm, specialising in internal audit services, control and process efficiencies for clients, accounting, taxation and auditing. Henry has more than 15 years of internal and external audit experience, specialising in financial services (life, property and casualty), corporate finance, taxation, cash management, control self-assessment, human resources, procurement, corporate governance and fraud prevention.
Henry trained with Ernst & young (1996 to 2001) up to an external and IT audit manager level. He subsequently held executive management roles at Old Mutual (2001 to 2010) as the head of IT, financial accounting, actuarial and asset management Audit divisions.

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